Monday, June 11, 2007

The Bees are Back Plus Other Odds and Ends

The bees are back in my yard - big time. They seem a happy lot, too, buzzing all about and doing that pollinating voodoo they do. Its nice, except for the sting my boy got. Here's hoping the bees are back everywhere else, too.

Am I the only person really irritated by Drudge's continued use of the term 'global warming?' Can't he just say 'climate change?' No, that wouldn't be pejorative.

What's it with BushCo and their spokeshead Dubya? I mean, does everything they do automatically have to turn to a wet mushy turd wedged into the sole of your work boots? The latest huge loss for BushCo was on the immigration compromise. Instead of trying elevate the debate, BushCo went and swift-boated their own. The conservatives acted in a way I wish the Dems would do more often - they dug in and returned fusillade for fusillade. (Note to Dems: This is how you fight back. Take a note of it, and try it sometime after recovering from the spinal replacement surgery.)

If its Iraq, then its more mayhem and destruction. Aside from the grisly murders and horrific jihaddi bombers (I am so sick of these fucking nihilists), the insurgents continue their tactics of death to USA by a thousand cuts. Another bridge was taken out. Sadly, three US troops died in the attack. RIP. Anyone else ready to put down the kool-aid and admit the Surge ain't working?

Behind the charismatic veneer, I knew that Mike Huckabee was just another right wing wacko. His comment that most prisoners would prefer to be in Gitmo capped it. Yeah Mikey, I'll just bet these guys just can't wait for some more enhanced interrogation techniques. Plus, the great medical care. Makes their day.


Suzie-Q said...

Hey Guys!

It's GEF's birthday! Please come by my blog and wish him a Happy Birthday! :)

Larry said...

Its looking more and more like the Democratic lawmakers are mirror images of the Repugs.

How sad for us all.

LET'S TALK said...

I have not seen that many bees in Georgia of late. If they are back, you wouldn't know it here.

I caught the news about the bridge and the three (3), US troops that died, what a mess this surge is becoming... makes you wonder what news they will have for America this September.

In reference to Mike Huckabee and Gitmo; we should not be shocked about how Republicans feel about these type things, let's just be thankful that Bush now knows that legally he can not hold anyone for no reason... he's not the decider after all.

Tom Harper said...

Spinal replacement surgery for Democrats -- LOL.

I sure hope bees are making a comeback.

Who Hijacked Our Country

CHUQ said...

Damn! Send some bees south please, we have none left, that I have seen.

Did you catch Powell's condemnation of Gitmo on Meet The Press?

IMO, there will be some smoke and noise at first, giving the impression that they are doing their part, but when the smoke clears, they will be no different than the last Congress.

The above is my my blog after the election. True!

Mentarch said...

Neocons: they lie and cry.

They obfuscate and disassemble.

They are never to blame and everyone else is - for their own mendacity and hubris.