Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dems Defeated in Iraq War Vote. Again. Its Time to Turn Off the Funding Spigot. Now.

Once again, the Dems failed to get to the magic number of 60. That's how many votes are needed to invoke cloture and quash any filibuster attempt.

Lindsay Graham summed up the Reep position thusly:

The idea of winning the war in Iraq is beginning to get a second look,"

That's effin' crazy talk. Winning; did he really say winning? What is winning? Some years back it was the dominoes of democracy throughout the Middle East. These days, its staving off the Al Quaeda lunatics from destroying the rest of the free world. My the goalposts have moved, eh?

Can we afford to trust the buffoons and war pigs who led us in this mess and now are forcing us to wallow in this misery called Iraq? They have been wrong each and every time since they started beating the war drums. Now, they expect us - no, check that; they are daring us - to trust them again this time. Sorry, the kool-aid is packed away, folks.

There is a way for the Dems to finally snatch victory from the vastly unpopular BushCo cretins, and to salvage some small amount of credibility with the American people (the latest poll I saw put congressional approval at 11%).

How? Simply stop funding the damn war. Its really that simple. The threat of de-funding the surge and Blackwater mercs will have BushCo crawling and groveling to the Dems finally promising bipartisanship on the war effort, after all.

Oh sure, the war pigs will fulminate and rage at first. But they will come around - if the Dems grow a spine.

War pigs win another round


Tom Harper said...

"If the Dems grow a spine." Aye, there's the rub.

Who Hijacked Our Country

TomCat said...

I agree. No budget for military spending should go before the Bush without strict time-lines. If the GOP filibusters it, then send nothing. If Bush vetoes it, send it back.

Unfortunately this is not likely, because a key element of the Republican revolution was blaming the Dems for Vietnam defeat, because the Dems refused to fund it. Although the war was already lost, the MSM helped the GOP spread this fantasy. As a result, the Dems have a fearfully bitter taste in their mouths over it.

CHUQ said...

The Dems have been handed an opportunity to fight back, but they will miss the chance, leads me to believe there is some obscene game being played at the expense of the troops.

Anonymous said...

Do the DemoRATS not have the votes? Talk about spineless look at your fearless leader NoBama!

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