Sunday, September 16, 2007

No Sifting These Tea Leaves: Greenspan Knows Iraq War All About the Oil

Its the oil, stupid. Color me NOT surprised.

Greenspan speaks


CHUQ said...

The really sad part is as smart as Greenspan is he will be portrayed as absent-minded old man. Of course, it was about oil, that is why that the benchmarks talked about the one that is emphasised is the Oil Law.

LET'S TALK said...

There's no way Bush and his talking head conservatives or the radio and TV media can dispute or try to call Greenspan a liar or crazy old man. They just cannot put their spin on his comments and seem creditable.

It sad to say, but most Americans already knew why Bush went to Iraq. Just as most Americans knew what would be said in General Petraeus report.

Those that walk around not knowing or pretending not to know are part of the problem , along with those that actually believe any and everything they have been told by this Administration.

Mary Ellen said...

Hi ron!

Thanks for coming around to the Divine Democrat today! I'm always happy to see new bloggers.

I agree with let's talk and you, "tell me something we didn't already know". I think there will always be that 20% who will deny anything other than Sadaam Hussein had WMD and was the one who planned 9/11, but there's not much you could do about those mouth breathers.

I'll add your blog to my blogroll, if that's ok with you.

eda said...




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