Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Romney's Campaign Strategy Leaked

I've long considered Romney to be dead-meat politically. His Mormonism just won't fly with too many So-Cons, and his flip-floppery will be used against him in a big way.

That's one thing. But, Romney's advisors put together a memo on Romney's perceived weaknesses - and someone went and leaked the info to the Boston Globe. D'oh!

The 77-slide PowerPoint presentation offers a revealing look at Romney's pursuit of the White House, outlining a plan for branding himself, framing his competitors, and allaying voter concerns about his record, his Mormon faith, and his shifts on key issues like abortion.
Dated Dec. 11, the blueprint is wide-ranging and analyzes in detail the strengths and weaknesses of Romney and his two main Republican rivals, Senator John McCain of Arizona and Rudolph W. Giuliani, former mayor of New York. The plan, which top Romney strategist Alex Castellanos helped to draft, charts a course for Romney to emerge as the nominee, but acknowledges that the "electorate is not where it needs to be for us to succeed."

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