Monday, February 26, 2007

WTF? We Are Supporting the Sunnis?

Seymour Hersh once again proves he is one of America's best investigative journalists. Writing in the New Yorker, Hersh traces a significant change in American foreign policy - towards confrontation with Iran.

Its an incredibly risky strategy, in essence doubling down on a losing bet in the Middle East. BushCo's foreign policy has turned Iraq into FUBAR within enigma, so why not try to mess with Iran in an attempt to straighten things out?

One little matter is we are giving aid the Sunni nut heads* who have killed far more American soldiers than the Shiite thugs have managed to do. It would be beyond ironic if Al Quaida jihaddis were to start killing US troops with weapons meant to battle Iran.

Unfortunately, the occupation of Iraq has strengthened Iran's hand substantially. Most rational thinkers have seen this for years - since the Iraq invasion and occupation. BushCo has finally caught a clue, but instead of attempting to use positive diplomacy - as the Baker/Hamilton commission suggested - there appears to be a real attempt to create a modern-day Gulf of Tonkin.

The new Middle East strategy revolves around the BushCo-Saudi Arabia-Israel alliances. Scott MacLeod blogging for Time, refers to Prince Bandar bin Sultan as our new Secretary of State.

This is all extremely unsettling. Thankfully, congress is no longer supine in the face of grave and dangerous administration incompetence. While congress cannot stop BushCo from their instance neo-conservative foreign policy, they can at least hold a light to the administration's activities.

* When I refer to 'Sunni Nutheads' I mean the ex-Baathist insurgents as well as the AQ Jihaddis.

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