Wednesday, February 28, 2007

US to Negotiate With Iran, Syria/Bush Doctrine is Dead

Washington’s decision to participate in talks with Damascus and [Tehran] for the stabilization of Iraq could lead to the unblocking of peace negotiations between Israel and Syria and also influence the Lebanese crisis.

Yes, its another BushCo bald lie, but I am, for once, encouraged. Maybe the administration just talks tough then resorts to old-fashioned diplomacy. Is that the MO? Who knows, because we certainly know that talking tough has led to the disastrous invasion of Iraq.

The Neocons must be shell-shocked. First North Korea, and now THIS? Poor Bill (The Vampire, aka Nostradumbass) Kristol must be mumbling to himself. I just went to the Weekly Standard, WSJ Opinion Journal, Instapundit, and Drudge sites. Amazingly, no one is talking about a diplomatic meeting with Iran and Syria. I await their fussilades.

But Frank Gaffney, at NRO, quickly and neatly sums up the right-wingers position:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s announcement Tuesday that the United States was now prepared to begin negotiating directly with Iran and its proxy, Syria, over the future of Iraq is the latest evidence of the complete unraveling of what was once a principled, coherent American approach to foreign and defense policy. Today, the Bush team’s motto seems to be: Anything goes. Among the things that are poised to go over the side is the nation’s security.

I can't argue with Gaffney that the Bush Doctrine is Dead. And I guess he's also right that the position was principled and coherent. Someone sticks a gun in your face in the name of stopping the winnebagoes of death is pretty easy to understand. Of course we now know that those RVs were pure fiction, but what the heck. That just messes with the right-wingers view of the world. Ain't nothing changing that.

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