Monday, April 30, 2007

Blue Monday

A government commission's war probe accused of "severe failure," saying the nation was led hastily into conflict without a comprehensive plan. The Bush Administration? Nope - Ehud Olmert of Israel and their foolish war on Lebanon was the target of the scathing report. Though it should be noted that BushCo and the neocons cheered Olmert on.

If anyone hasn't heard about it yet, the destroyed Oakland freeway ramp is pretty damned scary. The closure will also be really inconvenient for a lot of folks until its fixed (probably a couple of months). On a personal note, I rarely use that facility, but there's a good chance the mess will reverberate to other adjacent ramps and highways. Its a miracle no one was hurt, not even the driver.

Tony Snow is back to work today as chief lie spinner for BushCo. While I certainly wish him improved health and a long life, this man should hang his head in shame.

Tragically, over 100 US soldiers have died in vain in Iraq this month.

I've noted the lack of political reconciliation in Iraq dooms the surge to failure. The lack of economic progress has the same effect in mooting the surge. This is why Iraq is the Stupid Pointless War.


TomCat said...

Although I sometimes disagree with Israel's positions, I wish our covernment were half as honest about it's foul-ups.

Larry said...

There is a much larger enonomuc collapse building within the U.S because of Bush's war, and his desire to send every decent job overseas.

JollyRoger said...

Chimpy's Great Patriotic War on Iraq has the potential to cause a Soviet-like collapse of the United States.

If we choose to "stay the course," I estimate that this collapse will come within 5 years.

LET'S TALK said...

Bad news about this Administration seems to be a daily thing.

I cant say where we are headed with this President but it will take a lot to fix his mess once he and his Administration are out of office.

America should have had its fair share of Republicans for a long time. said...

They were indeed supportive of Israel in that massacre...I was prompted to dig deeper into the history of everything in that area, just so I could trust myself with feeling like I did at the time, that we were condoning something horrible. Which we were.

A couple individuals act out against Israel and thousands become homeless or dead...a mini-Iraq. And our enemies get to be the heroes, supplying shelter, food and money to rebuild.

Heckuva Job!