Monday, April 9, 2007

Right winger attacks bishop for being wobbly on Iran

Yes, Iran. According to Kathryn Jean Lopez:

The Roman Catholic bishop who oversees the armed forces has provoked fury by praising the Iranian leadership for its "forgiveness" and "act of mercy" in freeing the 15 British sailors and marines last week.

The Bishop of the Forces, the Rt Rev Tom Burns, said that the religious beliefs of the Iranians had played a large part in their decision to release the hostages after holding them for more than two weeks.

His words were echoed by a leading Anglican figure, the Right Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, who said Iran had acted within the "moral and spiritual tradition of their country" and contrasted this with Britain's "free-floating attitudes".

Bishop Burns, who ministers to the 40,000 Catholics and their families who are members of the armed forces, said the decision to release the captives had demonstrated "faith in a forgiving God".

Hmmm. I guess that Lopez's spiritual advisers need to be toting bazookas, and generally inflaming situations. In support of Ms. Lopez's desire for more militaristic spirituality, I hope she enjoys the decidedly more dangerous Jesus pictured above.

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