Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Iraq is getting worse - not better

Hard as it is to imagine. Over 100 dead today. Numerous bombings and incidents and atrocities. Saddam was overthrown and executed. A 1,000 mini-Saddams sprouted in his place.

For details go here.

Also, BBC has an excellent (but disturbing) interactive map of Baghdad violence.


Miss Politics said...

Iraq is such a mess I hardly know how we can unravel it.

Everyday we hear of more people killed. Blown up. Tortured. Shot. Kidnapped.

The worst thing is that here in Australia despite the fact that Iraq is in a horrific mess our inhumane and racist Government does really show compassion to people from Iraq seeking refugee status.

On the one hand Australia goes off and bombs the crap out of a country, creates a situation where civil war is occuring but cannot actually offer the people a safe refuge.

Go figure.

TomCat said...

Ron you didn't think that Bush's ChichemHawk Charge had any chance at success, did you?