Friday, April 27, 2007

George Tenet: Insta-Swift Boat Victim

Well, that didn't take long for BushCo to Swift Boat ex-Cia Director George Tenet.

[S]enior White House counselor [Dan Bartlett] on Friday dismissed former CIA Director's George Tenet portrait of a Bush administration that rushed to war in Iraq without serious debate. "The president did wrestle with those very serious questions[.]"

...Bartlett ... suggested [Tenet] might have been unaware of the breadth of the prewar debate that led Bush to dismiss other options, such as diplomatic means, for reining in Saddam Hussein.

On one hand, I love seeing Tenet get the Swift Boat treatment; Its richly deserved. OTOH, its instructive yet again to see another former apologist/sycophant grow a conscience.

Update: Tenet already has a retort, as published in today's NYT:

Mr. Tenet described with sarcasm watching an episode of “Meet the Press” last September in which Mr. Cheney twice referred to Mr. Tenet’s “slam dunk” remark as the basis for the decision to go to war.

“I remember watching and thinking, ‘As if you needed me to say ‘slam dunk’ to convince you to go to war with Iraq,’ ” Mr. Tenet writes.


Larry said...

I think Tenet is like Colin Powell in they both lied for their leader and helped push the country to war.

I also believe like Powell, Tenet doesn't want to be associated with the two emperors he so lovingly embraced until the war really went south, and they kicked him to the curb

May more rats like this turn on the bigger rats in this infested administration and bring them down.

TomCat said...

Neither Tenet nor Powell were part of the inner circle. Unless you're at least a Reichsfueher, you get nothing from Bush.

LET'S TALK said...

I agree with Larry, both Tenet and Powell for whatever reason did the bidding for this President to help bring on the war.

Before this King's throne is dismantle we will see more "rats like this turn on the bigger rats in this infested administration" they want bring down this King but they will show Americans just how mush of a RAT he was and is.

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