Monday, April 16, 2007

Can we at least have a conversation about gun control?

In light of today's horrible massacre at Va Tech.

After all, there was a major US circuit court ruling recently that finally, finally sets the stage for the big SCOTUS showdown.

My complete sympathies go out to everyone on campus, their loved ones and the entire State of Virginia.

However, BushCo spokeshead comments today made me want to retch. While expressing sorrow over the events at Virginia Tech, Dana Perino noted:

The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms, but that all laws must be followed.

As always, BushCo has their priorities screwed on exactly wrong. This IS the time to at least have a discussion about gun control. I'm not interested in a polemic, and I want to honor those killed and injured today. However, there is surely something good that might come out of this. Randomly, increased safety training, better registration of guns and ammo, our violent society should at least be discussed.

Surely, there is something to be learned - more than the idiotic and cold-hearted comments from the administration.


TomCat said...

Turn on the TV. Watch the heroes solve problems, overcome insurmountable odds, and defrat evil through the use of violence. Is it any wonder that all too frequently a nut case follows suit?

Lydia Cornell said...


Thank you Ron. I just posted a comment about this on my blog, about the Australian PM saying "it's the U.S. gun culture..."

He says that when he banned guns (or put limits on ownership) 11 years ago after an Australian shooting spree, it really made a huge difference.

Lydia Cornell said...

Also, my kids see way too much violence everyday in the video games they play and in movies.

What is this film "300" which spurs people on to want to kill "Persians?"

And check out the "Left Behind" Video game; it's shocking.

If advertising works, then brain messages like these have to have an effect on impressionable minds.