Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Break out the french fries, brie and croissants!

An important new poll is out. I'll jump right to it:

Public Agenda and its partner Foreign Affairs today made public the fourth edition of the Confidence in U.S. Foreign Policy Index (CFPI)...

The Spring 2007 Anxiety Indicator stands at 137, well above the neutral
mid-point of 100 and a seven point increase since September 2006. "The
Anxiety Indicator is moving closer to the 150 mark, the 'red zone' that to
me would signal a full blown crisis of public confidence," said Public
Agenda Chairman Daniel Yankelovich. Full report at:

-- Public support for military solutions in many scenarios is virtually
off the table for most of the public. In dealing with Iran, support
for possible military action is in the single digits (8 percent)

-- 70 percent say that criticism that the United States has been too
quick to resort to war is at least partly justified (31 percent say
it's "totally justified"). On what the government must do to fight
terrorism, 67 percent say we should put more emphasis on diplomatic
and economic methods, while 27 percent say more emphasis on military

-- 84 percent say "initiating military force only when we have the
support of our allies" should be important to our foreign policy (51
percent say "very important")

Great news, Francophiles! Break out the Croque Monsieur, Perrier with a twist, and a nice bottle of Burgundy for lunch. Yes, in honor of the French, go and take a three-hour lunch.

Bill "Nostradumbass" Kristol may want to join you. He needs a three hour lunch. And he needs to get drunk. Just be ready lots of tears and self-pity.

Here are links to the full report, and analysis by the authors.

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Larry said...

Nice meter of where things are going, and it isn't in our favor.