Thursday, April 5, 2007

Congressmen rip Bush over Syria

If you recall, BushCo has been ripping on Nancy Pelosi over her trip to Syria. Congress fired back yesterday:

I don't care what the administration says on this. You gotta do what you think is in the best interest of your country.

Said one congressman. From another:

That's an important message to realize: We have tensions, but we have two functioning embassies.

And finally, from yet another:

[Syrian diplomacy] is an area where we would disagree with the administration. It doesn't mean you're weak in your policy or that there's no problems ... We just wanted to let them know that the lines of communication are open and if we can find some common ground on some issues we need to go forward on that.

Who are these freedom-hating, french fry-eating, surrender monkey, Perrier-sipping Democrats? Was it Pelosi? Barney Frank? Maxine Waters? Who said these treasonous words?

Ummm..... These were Republicans, as quoted in Syria yesterday. In order: Darrell Isa, Frank Wolf and Robert Aderholt.

Funny, I didn't hear the Great Uniter criticize these guys.

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Larry said...

The White House helped arrange the trip for the three Repugs and they still didn't defend Bush.