Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lets All Laugh At President Bush

Bush told [a group seniors] there is great pressure in Washington to change principles for the sake of political popularity, but he said he would not.

"It's a struggle for some. It's not for me," he said.

[Bush] showed the group a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. He said Lincoln was unpopular during the Civil War but maintained his belief that all men are created equal.

"Look what would have happened to history" if Lincoln had abandoned that principle, Bush said.

Sleep well, Dubbie. Dream of chicken pluckers and remember the rug.


Women on the Verge said...

More proof that whatever Dubya is on it's mind altering...


Christopher said...

Bush's brain was fried many years ago from all the decades of alcohol and drug use and abuse.

Kaligula Andy said...

"Beijing is the capital of Paris, How do I spell it correctly Iraq or Iran? etc"

This is what a guy says, claiming that he's reading Bush's mind right now.

Larry said...

Bush has the principles of a gutter cat who scrounges through the trash cans of life taking whatever he desires.

PointyHead said...

A wise man (Gorm, I think), once said:

"A coherent thought from Bush is as common as tall grass on the highway."


JudiPhilly said...

Lincoln & Bush are similar in that both were inexperienced and unpopular. The differences cover everything else.