Monday, April 2, 2007

John McCain strolls down Baghad Way!

Johnnie Mac does the stroll just like he promised. However, I was a bit confused because he had body armor on, plus had an armed escort. Oh wait, check that. Johnnie Mac had 100 soldiers, three Blackhawk helicopters and two Apache gunships.

Awesome! I realize now there was a little disconnect between my idea of a stroll down, say some inner city, and Johnnie Mac's. For example, I used to enjoy enjoy walking around downtown Newark or the Ironbound District during a weekday in the early 80's. After moving to California, I always enjoyed strolling downtown Oakland on my lunch break, examining new project going up, or even urban decay. I'm an urban planner and am interested in urban design, so this stuff appeals to me.

So, imagine my excitement when Johnnie Mac seemed to take up a similar interest! Now, I'm not complaining about the good senator. I would take a stroll of an inner city with body armor, troops and helicopters any time any day. Hell, I'd do the stroll a 4 A.M. Saturday night.

But, Johnnie Mac, please put down the kool-aid. If Iraq is so damned safe, take a walk by yourself - or with just one or two secret servicemen. Then I'll have a lot more respect for your pronouncements of safety.


Norma said...

I like Mitt. I can't understand why the Republicans are excited about this man. People who can't be decent to wives who stood by them while they were in POW camps, shouldn't be trusted with the presidency. Guys who haven't been faithful to a long line of wives, shouldn't be president (that would take out Rudy and Newt). Three moral mites.

Lydia Cornell said...

Thanks Ron for posting on my blog!
I LOVE your blog, great posts.

Larry said...

While McCain had 100 U.S troops, and Blackhawk helicopters hovering over his little shopping venture, 6 U.S soldiers and 25 Iraqi's were being killed on the outskirts of Baghdad.

I guess it took all the troops to protect McCain's photo op and left none to protect the citizens from this "safe country."

leftdog said...

Hey! The point of the junket to Bagdhad just baffles me. It only proves how desperate day to day life is for the locals.

What a mess.

(my first time here, I like the site).

Aayush Bhatnagar said...

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