Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2008 Presidential contender mojo ratings: March 20, 2007 edition

Ratings on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being Dubya's popularity among the San Francisco anti-war set, and 10 being the Baby Jesus. At this early early stage, no one is running away with things just yet.


Barak Obama: 6.2. There's a gut feeling here the Hillary 1984 video was done by some Obama crony. If so, these kinds of dirty tricks won't get the idealists excited. There's some worry if this guy really has the chops for this. We really won't know until after a couple of major debates. For now, Obama is the clear front runner.

Hillary Clinton: 5.2. I just don't see Hillary-mania building. She's started making some right noises on Iraq, but its just not enough for the anti-war democratic majority.

Al Gore: 3.6. Al really has a chance to zoom into the race in a big way, but I think he's really smart to not jump in too soon. He has the resume, he has the issue. Can he muster the fire in the belly?

John Edwards: 3.5. Edwards is hanging in there. He's a serious candidate, but its just too early for him to take off - particularly with Obama sucking all the oxygen out.

Bill Richardson: 1.2. May have a chance if he can stay in until the debates.

Dennis Kucinch: 1.0. Kucinich simply isn't a candidate we can take very seriously. However, he has been ardently anti-war, and might just garner some more attention the second time around.

Chris Dodd: 0.5. One question: Why?

Joe Biden: 0.1. Not only is he daft, but his hair is worse than The Donald's. Biden's run is purely ego pump.


Rudy Giuliani: 6.4. Rudy has that mojo working. I really can't understand why, but I'll probably never figure out republican thinking. I have to believe this is his high-water mark, but who know? Maybe the anti-McCain clan will gravitate here.

John McCain: 4.9. The straight-talk express is running right off the road. Where in the world did Johnny Mac get the idea he needed to be Bush III and more pro-war than Dick Cheney? Its really a sad sight watching McCain implode for all to see.

Fred Thompson: 3.7. Coming out of nowhere, Thompson is quickly filling the void of the top GOP contenders. Conservatives are salivating over the prospect of Thompson becoming the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Its too early to tell if Thompson has the right stuff.

Mitt Romney: 3.2. Good-looking, charismatic, former governor. He has a lot going for him. He is plagued by his past, and his religion will be a hindrance. Mitt has been sliding backwards for a couple of months now.

Newt Gingrich: 2.6. Newt is trying to become the patriarch of the Republican party with high set of big ideas. Personally, I think Newt has a hard ceiling - even within the republican party. Even Tom DeLay hates his guts.

Mike Huckabee: 1.3. Huckabee hasn't caught on as serious contender, yet. But its early. Plus, he has the benefit of low expectations, and has nowhere to go - but up.

San Brownback: 0.7. If Brownback can get his message out, he may have a chance to compete. For now though, there are too many candidates in his way.

Tom Tancredo: 0.2. Railing against illegal immigrants only gets you so far as a presidential candidate. Even for a Republican.


Anonymous said...

Yet again representative Ron Paul's name is absent from the final data...

Trevor said...

I was about to say the exact same thing. They are missing the BEST candidate. YouTube for "Ron Paul" and listen to him speak and tell me you don't like him.

Ron West said...

I stand corrected. Please see my new article on Ron Paul: