Friday, March 2, 2007

Latest poll results - Harriet Miers redux?

The latest NY Times/CBS poll was released, and the results are simply horrible for the Bush Administration. Total support dropped below 30%, (with 61% opposed) and the right track-wrong track numbers are 23% to 68%. BushCo's foreign policy support stands at 25% (to be discussed in the next post - coming soon).

The numbers on Iraq are equally dismal, support = 23%, opposed = 71%. I won't even get rolling on Iraq right now, there are other points I want to move on to cover today - like health care.

On health care, an outright majority of Americans puts, 'health insurance for all,' as the top domestic priority. 90%(!!!!) think the health care system in this country needs fundamental change or be completely rebuilt. Please read the survey results, there are a battery of questions on health care that bear review.

The poll also gives the dems a 3-1 advantage over the reeps as the party more likely to improve the health care system. (On top of this, the dems also have a 14 point general favorability advantage over the reeps.)

With all of this news, you would think the reeps would be circling the wagons, rallying around their president. Uhh, no.

Mr. Bush’s approval rating dropped 13 percentage points since last fall among Republicans, 65 percent of whom now say they approve of the way he is handling his job as president, compared with 78 percent last October.

Yes, its gloom and doom time for the reeps. Consider some of the commentary coming out of the big CPAC convention, as covered by that right wing blog, the Politico.

I’m disenchanted, I’m disenfranchised, I’m just dissed

--David Bossie, president of Citizens United

The war is a disaster and [Bush] flubbed the [immigration] issue

--Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum

Well, maybe this is all just animus against BushCo. After all, they have been the most imcompetent administration - perhaps of all time (though my Dad really has it in for Jimmy Carter, but that's another post for another day).

Here's what Phyllis had to say about the other reep POTUS candidates:

They’re all equally unacceptable

Ouch. There you have it, folks - the state of the reeps today ain't pretty.

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