Tuesday, March 27, 2007

America wants an Iraq deadline: Pew Poll

I want to start this by noting that Pew is one of the best national polling firms. I like Pew Polls because they ask interesting questions and provide a somewhat different analysis than you will get from other major pollsters.

The latest poll is no exception. For example, by a 59-33 rate, Americans want their representative to vote for an August 2008 troop pullout. The break democrats and republicans into moderate and liberal/conservative.

If you've followed any polling numbers over the past two years, you will surely know that independents views much more closely match those of democrats, and this poll is no exception. Large majorities of dems and indies want their representative to vote for the August 2008 pullout.

Reeps - surprise! - want us to stay in Iraq indefinitely. An interesting finding is that moderate reeps only favor staying past 2008 by a 49-44 rate. The conservatives have an alternate reality that I cannot seem to channel, so I won't even try to make sense of their views.

Here some links:

To the poll results

To Pew's own analysis

And to analysis by Mystery Pollster over at pollster.com. (I linked to their home page; scroll down, you will find it. But, the site is ever-interesting.)

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