Monday, March 19, 2007

Is it finally time to impeach Bush?

Rocky Anderson, the Mayor of Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City?!) makes a strong case for doing so. I had to admit I agree with him - to a point. The problem with this is the public might start to actually feel sorry for the Shrub. Plus, Cheney would be president. Yuck.

No, as pathetic and dangerous as this administration is, I think its best we just run out the clock on them. A new administration will be in place soon enough. Even if we get another Republican war-mongering, tax cutting-and-spending, civil rights-flouting, environmental hating administration at least they will be a lot more competent the current band of fools.

It is useful to have some elected officials agitating for impeachment - If only to point out how seriously screwed up our country has become under this administration. And maybe to remind Americans just how stupid the Clinton impeachment was.

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