Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More on sad old Max Frankel

I was surprised that Max Frankel's article didn't garner more attention. I wrote about in this in my blog on Sunday, but really didn't see much written elsewhere. I now realize that's not true. Two really excellent criticisms are up.

Brad DeLong skewers Frankel's self-serving mendacity.

A more honest commentator than Frankel would have written differently: would have written that the long-run survival of journalistic legal privileges depends on the existence of a community of journalists that policies itself, and that rewards journalists who inform the public and punishes those who kneel to their political masters. Frankel had a chance to engage in this task of self-policing this morning. He failed to do it.


Firedogblog dog piles on Frankel.

Yet the argument Frankel offers, like all other arguments the NYT has offered in this case, is fundamentally dishonest. Frankel has, indeed, finally yoked the fate and interests of the NYT to the complicit involvement of Judy Miller.


You see, Max, it's not that we liberals have lost patience for reporters privilege. And our eagerness to have Judy testify came not just from a desire to see Cheney and Libby exposed.

Rather, it comes from a desire to see you exposed. It is time that the NYT stops pretending that it stands on the side of the public, as passive unwilling dupes of this Administration. It is time that the NYT stops laughing off the role of Miller and Gordon and Tyler and Raines and Keller and now Frankel in bringing this country to war on a pack of lies. It is time the NYT stops claiming these were leaks, rather than willful cooperation in the publication of propaganda.

Finally, Dan Froomkin summarily covers Frankel, though offering no personal commentary, other than posting some Brad DeLong quotes.

I suppose it is too much to ask any members of the traditional members of the media to take on some one so august as old Max. Its a damn shame because more and more its those ankle-biting blogs that are taking on the roles the press has eschewed in favor of martinis with the powerful.


TomCat said...

It amazes me that the GOP keeps whining about the liberal media when it so clearly isn't.

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