Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A buzz of accountability in the White House

Ever since the 2006 mid-term elections, team BushCo has been falling like, well, Republican Senators in the 2006 mid-terms. There have been recent two scandals - the mistreatment of wounded vets at Walter Reed, and the botched firing of seven US Attorneys. And that Iraq thing continues to fester.

Let's go through the list of the dearly departed:
It is a sweet smell in the air around the White House these days. It is the smell of accountability in action. As Bill Maher might say, New Rule: You fuck up in the White House, you get your ass canned out of town. Seems fair to me. You work in a presidential adminstration, you get the glory, you get the fame, you get the high GS rank - but you also get bucket fulls of responsibility.

At least you do now. It hasn't always been this way before the Democrats came to town. Consider that Tommy Franks, George Tenet and Paul Bremer all received the Medal of Freedom in 2004. Excuse me, I have to throw up in my mouth.

Thanks, I'm okay, now.

Yes, the Bush Administration may be the worst presidency ever (certainly the worst in the past 75 years, if you want to go all historical on me). Okay, we can debate Jimmy Carter and Tricky Dick, but you get the point dang it!).

It is also useful to see how the balance of power of should work in this country - the Administration screws up, and congress calls it out, heads roll, and we wait until the next scandal, screw up or cover up.

There are a lot of take ways going on, but one thing that jumps out to me is this: Damn, that supine, lap-dog republican congress from 2002 to the end of 2006 sucked major ass. Good riddance to bad trash.

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