Monday, March 19, 2007

Four years of war - What do Americans and Iraqis now think?

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Stupid Pointless War. A slew of polls have been released - both of American and Iraqi sentiments. Here are some highlights.

ABC News/USA Today/BBC/ARD released a poll of Iraqis. They track the new results against those November 2005. The mood in Iraq has certainly darkened. More than half of respondents have a relative or close friend who has been killed or wounded. Opposition to US forces has grown considerably.

Mystery Pollster has this synopsis:

  • 78% of Iraqi adults oppose the presence of coalition forces in Iraq; 22% support it.
  • 65% believe coalition forces should stay in Iraq until its government and security forces are stronger and operating independently; 35% believe they should leave now.
  • 56% do not think Iraq is in a civil war, 42% think it is.
  • In a sidebar article, ABC Polling Director Gary Langer describes in detail the "extensive planning, coordinated effort -- and some luck" involved in fielding this survey, including "harrowing tales" of interviewers who "witnessed some of the bombings, shootings and beatings that, as the survey shows, are widespread in Iraq."

CBS News has poll of Americans on their attitudes the Stupid Pointless War.

After four years of war, Americans are increasingly pessimistic about the prospects for success in Iraq and a majority wants U.S. troops to begin coming home, according to an analysis of data from CBS News and CBS News/New York Times polls.

Americans did not expect the war to last this long, nor did they think it would cost as many lives as it has.

The news article has some interesting analyses of a poll CBS conducted four years ago. Certainly, the Administration, Bill "The Vampire" Kristol (AKA Nostradumbass), and the NeoCon idealists all ought to be taking a hard look their expectations before this war started, and the mess they have wrought.

Nah. Watch Bush hit that drive.

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