Thursday, March 8, 2007

Matt Sanchez writes back

I'm reading Matt Sanchez's article in Salon. Its very interesting. He writes:

I learned that I'm not as right-wing among the true believers as I feel in a place like New York, where people glibly promote diversity unless you don't agree with them.

I'm actually pretty impressed with his POV. He puts a real human face on this. He's obviously a pretty smart guy. Oh sure, his story is good for a lot of giggles, especially the Ann Coulter-faggot connection.

Matt claims that many conservatives have been supportive. I'm really glad to hear this. I have no personal interest in mindlessly hating the reeps and everything they stand for. If they can accept a gay ex-serviceman (who, by all accounts, served this country honorably), then this country is again all the richer.

Matt does complain about being attacked by the liberal blogosphere. I've read some of it - there's as much giggling as there is outright criticism. But IMO, a fair bit of the criticism is deserved - particularly from the gay community.

OTOH, Mr. Sanchez provides an opportunity to present a gay hero's face to the reep crowd. If this is how the walls of discrimination crumble, then boo-yah!

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