Monday, March 12, 2007

Nepotism in the Surge

When I grow up, or if my blog grows up (LOL, not very likely), I want to be Glen Greenwald. Writing yesterday under the tagline, Why would any rational person listen to Robert Kagan?:

Washington Post columnist Robert Kagan -- whose brother, Frederick, is the architect of the President's "surge" plan -- has a column in the Post this morning predictably assuring us that the surge is a great success. The headline is "The 'Surge' is Succeeding," and you already know what it says without reading it. The Evil Media has claimed the war is lost. But now it is clear that they are wrong. We sent more troops, the Great Gen. Petraeus has arrived, stores have re-opened, and Pajama Media bloggers Mohammed and Omar say things are getting better. Thus, Kagan says, there "is a new chapter in the story."

Greenwald goes on to list a series of WRONG predictions and statements about how things have been going in Iraq made by Kagan and his fellow neo-con Bill "The Vampire" Kristol (aka Nostradumass).

And there's more today from Greenwald: It turns out that Frederick's wife, writing for the Weekly Standard, also has a pro-surge article out. Color me not surprised.

Frankly, I can't expect much else from the Standard. Their flagpoles seemingly rise if they even think about the Surge. But Greenwald makes an excellent point that the Washington Post should disclose this absurd conflict of interest. WaPo tries so hard to appear even-handed, I think they miss out on what's fundementally right and wrong.

Plus, they must maintain their access to power, after all.

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