Monday, May 21, 2007

Al Gore: You Da Man!

From Al's new book:

Gore stops short of flatly calling for the impeachment of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, he certainly gives the impression that in his view such a move would be well deserved. He calls the president a lawbreaker, a liar and a man with the blood of thousands of innocent lives on his hands.

Most of Gore's ire stems from, not surprisingly, the war in Iraq, a war that Gore opposed from the beginning. Bush, he writes, "has exposed Americans abroad and Americans in every U.S. town and city to a greater danger of attack because of his arrogance and willfulness."

"History will surely judge America's decision to invade and occupy (Iraq)…as a decision that was not only tragic but absurd," Gore writes.

Al goes on to make the argument about the Iraq War that I've been making for years. BushCo is either lied about the reasons for war or is genuinely incompetent. In either case, at least IMO, BushCo deserves nothing short of impeachment and hard time in the slammer.


Larry said...

Al Gore will be on Larry King Tuesday night for the entire hour.

I don't think he will run.

CHUQ said...

Impeachment? (thinking)....Probably not, but I mean if you can impeach for a hummer, why not for lying, accomplice to death, and being just plain stupid?

TomCat said...

I'd be pleased if he did run. He's certainly a favorable alternative to Hillary.