Thursday, May 10, 2007

Did John Doolittle Really Get Sold Down the River by Abu Gonzales?

Doolittle thinks so, but then he's got the FBI hanging out inside his colon. Under these circumstances, I might go a little batty myself.

Doolittle has served as US congressman, representing California's Gold Country (East of Sacramento) since 1990. Doolittle is a staunchly conservative Republican in one of California's most conservative districts. No, check that; Doolittle is an outright loon.

Here are some Doolittle quotes:

A liberal front is underway to find God and all things pertaining to him unconstitutional.

He's honest, ... And he is a member's member
--Talking about Tom DeLay.

I do not subscribe to the theory of global warming. Liberals like to use pseudo-science.
You get the idea. But its not Doolittle's lunacy that got him in trouble. No, Doolittle has a bigger problem. He's a crook. Although the FBI didn't find bundles of cash in his freezer, Doolittle was elected under a taint in much the same way that William Jefferson was reelected. Both ran on similar platforms - playing the victim card.

Doolittle's house was raided by the FBI three weeks ago. So, what did Doolittle do? He blamed Abu Gonzalez for his problems, accusing Gonzales of having Doolittle get raided by the FBI to deflect attention from Gonzales' own considerable problems.

If true, then Gonzales is even more pathetic than I can even imagine. After all, Doolittle has been one of the most fiercely loyal BushCo sycophants in all of congress. Even though I think BushCo would flush one of their own down the toilet in a heartbeat just to save their own skin, I don't think Gonzo is behind this.

No, plain and simple Doolittle is a crook. Consider this article from the Washington Post:

The Justice Department's wide-ranging investigation of former lobbyist Jack Abramoff has entered a highly active phase as prosecutors are beginning to move on evidence pointing to possible corruption in Congress and executive branch agencies, lawyers involved in the case said.

Doolittle's wife, Julie, owned a consulting firm that was hired by Abramoff and his firm, Greenberg Traurig, to do fundraising for a charity he founded.

Julie Doolittle's attorney, William L. Stauffer Jr., said Sierra Dominion Financial was hired by Greenberg Traurig to provide "event planning, marketing and related services, as requested by Mr. Abramoff" for Abramoff's Capital Athletic Foundation and his Signatures restaurant.

Abramoff frequently used the athletic foundation as a pass-through organization to run lobbying efforts and to pay for expenses, records show. Julie Doolittle was hired to put on a fundraiser for the foundation at the International Spy Museum, but the event was canceled because it had been scheduled to take place just at the Iraq war was commencing, Stauffer said.

"Sierra Dominion primarily performed public relations and other event planning services for the Spy Museum event," Stauffer said in an e-mail reply to questions. "This included responding to all individuals calling the Capital Athletic Foundation concerning the Spy Museum event, identifying (and contacting) possible attendees for the event, and assisting in fund raising strategy and letters."

That article dates back to 2005. Doolittle is a crook and he's going down. I'm only angry with the FBI for not throwing him in jail well before the November 2006 elections. Its taken a lot longer than expected to put this guy away. But no matter; it will be all the sweeter when he does go.

Along the way, he's throwing an anchor to Abu Gonzales. How sweet is that?


Vice said...

Abu Gonzales? Ron, you crack me up!
Every time I look at his mug, I'm going to call him Abu!!

TomCat said...

Abu is not new. I like Christopher's favorite: Electrode Al.

As for Doolittle, may he and Delay, and Bush share the same cell.

CHUQ said...

Anytime I read a republican quote I think of an old button. Vote Republican it is easier than thinking.

Mentarch said...

Great breakdown, Ron - thank you!

As for Gonzales ... I prefer to call him "Gonzo".

The neocons are utterly corrupted intellectually, philosophically, ideologically and litterally - their lies and mendacity simply know no bounds. They lie so much that they believe their own lies - hence why they seem to live in a fantasy-based world, as opposed to the reality-based one we actually live in.

They represent paradigms of incompetence as human beings and, let us not forget, that it is only the incompetents who abuse power (as I have expounded upon here a little while back).

Look at Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Lott, Delay, etc., etc., etc.

Hubris indeed ...

Tom Harper said...

I've always hated Doolittle, without knowing that much about him. Your post just confirms everything I already thought. Now that Richard Pombo (the worst anti-environment nutjob of all time) has been voted out, I nominate Doolittle as California's biggest asshole.

Who Hijacked Our Country

JollyRoger said...

Doolittle and Renzi are doing a slow bleed, but their fate is to hang out with Ney.

Hopefully, Electrode Al will be able to join them someday.