Thursday, May 3, 2007

Republican Debate Night

Tonight's the night for the reeps. Is it me, or has this debate gotten far less publicity than the recent dem debate? I went to Drudge, and he's more keyed up that Time took Dubya off its list of the 100 most influential Americans.

Over at NRO's the Corner, the talk is more of Romney's hair than the debate.

Romney said, as he has before, that he pays $50 for a hair cut including the tip. Then he quipped: "You know I think John Edwards was right. There are two Americas. There is the America where people pay $400 for a haircut and then there is everybody else."

The closest Glenn Reynolds comes to tonight's debate is this:

NOT RUNNING LOOKS LIKE A GOOD STRATEGY, as Fred Thompson moves up in the polls. His support seems to be coming out of Rudy Giuliani's hide.

The only big blog I found that covers the debate is HuffPost - and all they do is link to a NYT article. (Upshot: The candidates don't know what do with Dubya. My suggestion: Sell.)

Political Realm has lots of excellent coverage of the candidates. PR has a profile of Tom Tancredo up today.

The latest NBC/WSJ poll has Guiliani out in front (33%), McCain (22%), Fred Thompson (17%), Romney (12%), Huckabee (2%), and others at 1% or less.

Pew has mostly similar results, except Newt is included at 9%, ahead of Romney but behind Fred Thompson. Polling Report has the details.

Finally, today's debate in Los Angeles doesn't even rate front web page coverage on the LA Times. There are articles on how the reeps are nervously shifting their stance on Iraq (we support benchmarks!), and on Fred Thompson presumably jumping into the fray.

Oh well. I look forward to the post-debate analysis.


TomCat said...

Am I prepared?

► Chips
► Dip
► Drink
► BS detector
► Barf bag

I'm ready

Ron West said...

LOL, Tom - hilarious.

By the way, Political Realm has a nice pre-debate analysis up.

TomCat said...

Thanks Ron. I've already read it. :-)

Josh Yochim said...

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