Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Pope is a Dope

And with apologies to David Peel, he might be smoking dope, too.

In a speech to Latin American and Caribbean bishops at the end of a visit to ... Brazil, the Pope said the Church had not imposed itself on the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Dear Pope, put down that crack pipe. I suggest tying out Richard Mann's highly readable 1491 to get a clearer view of just what the Spanish conquistadors did when they visited and, uh, conquered, the new world.

The pope was really trying to bring a message that the gap between the rich and poor is wrong, and he also just had to stick his nose in Hugo Chavez's grill. Now Chavez may deserved the criticism - or at least some of it. However, the dopey Pope's remarks put Chavez squarely on the side of the native Latin Americans. So much for the Pope making inroads in public sentiments.

This dust-up is oddly similar to the bloviatings of BushCo in their attempts to isolate and even overthrow Chavez. Some of the reasons might be correct (NOT counting the coup attempts), but the actions have pushed Chavez ever more into a dictatorial role. How's that for a sel-fulfilling prophesy? Plus, as sky-high gas prices benefiting the oil barons, Chavez also reaps the windfall.

So the next time the Pope - or BushCo - wants to take on Chavez, they ought to make damned sure they are keeping their own asses clean. And read up on local history.


Suzie-Q said...

Bush said, "they're either with us or against us"..
That's his 3 year old logic.

We need a leader that understands world affairs.. not one who destroys them.

Larry said...

I agree with Suzie. This moronic maize of misfits have ruined Free America, and the world.

Ron said...

True, but these bozos will be remembered for diving head first in the shit bin of history. We will have new leadership - though not soon enough.

CHUQ said...

But Ron after watching the Congress play its game since the elections, I am not certain new leadership would be any better as long as it comes from the 2 parties.

What has the Congress accomplished? I said after the elections in my blog that nothing would change a so far I have been correct.

Ron said...

Chuq, you're so right. The dems have caved on both Iraq funding and campaign finance. I'm feeling pretty disappointed with them right now.