Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Republican Debate Part Deux

Here's what others are saying:

Political Realm declares McCain the big winner of last night's debate. PR also gives a thumbs up to Giuliani, but questions Romney's performance. Of the lesser candidates, Tancredo and Huckabee had strong performances.

Blog For Brains gives the nod to Ron Paul. Paul had the temerity to say that US meddling the Middle East created blow-back that helped cause 9-11. B4B went on to lament the lockstep "consistent conservatism" espoused by the other candidates.

All Spin Zone hits on one hypothetical question asked of the candidates - namely, what they would do under a hypothetical where three terrorists bombings had already occurred, and how far they would go to avoid a fourth. On that question, ASZ gives it to McCain for taking a principled stand, while ripping Rudy's response.

TomCat tallies how many of the questions were answered and how many were ducked. The results:

Candidate Answered/Ducked

Brownback 3/2
Gilmore 3/3
Giuliani 4/3
Huckabee 6/0
McCain 4/4
Paul 4/1
Romney 3/4
Tancredo 2/3
Thompson 2/2

TomCat's take is similar to Blog4Brains - Paul stood out and the other candidates all stood together.

Taegan Goddard declares the debate feisty, noting in particular exchanges between Paul and Giuliani and between McCain and Romney. He offers some quotes from the State and NYT.

RCP gives the right wing view of the world.

Rich Lowry blogging on NRO's The Corner gives it to Rudy. Of course, Rich just loved, loved, loved the red-meat Hillary-bashing.

Funky Town Fighter calls the candidates a bunch of candy-assed hypocrites. Okay, she didn't actually write that, but I really hope she does one of the rants that only FTF can do on the debate.

Drudge and HuffPost have nothing - at least not that I could easily find.

Edit: I found an additional post on the debate, and taking nothing from the above the blogs, Monkey Muck has THE best take. I won't spoil it, just give the link a click and enjoy!

Edit Part Deux: Chuq gives to Paul and Romney. Of the top runners, he had Giuliani and McCain even.


Ron said...

I'm personally enjoying it that there is such a rang of opinions on the debates. Previous Reep races have been coronations. It will be good for the country to see these candidates through a long and tiring race - if only to expose the country to what they really stand for.

TomCat said...

Was I the only one who thought they were TOO polished?

Christopher said...

I couldn't watch it.

I saw the first GOP debate but I just couldn't stomach watching the same group lie and spin.

Larry said...

My take on the debate is simple. I didn't watch it because I didn't want to see a batch of war lovers, crawl through another maze of slime and greed.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Did they have a big plane with them this time?

CHUQ said...

Ron thanx for the shout out. Is there a written law that says dark suits are manditory?

Rudi has 9/11--again! He waited and waited for a chance to use that. Huck-a-luck, has humor at least in his own mind. What I am saying is Paul was confrontational again, I like that. Mitt was looking presidential, but is he? Giuliani has the attack and McCain needs a nap. The rest, as I have said, are what they are--also rans!