Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Iraq: Oil and Gas Bill

Further sinking of possible political reconciliation. Now, the Kurds are opposed to the proposed oil law (Iraqslogger).

Kurdish MPs have reversed their position on the US-backed draft legislation that would regulate Iraq’s oil and gas industries, Reuters reports.

On Monday, Kurdish spokesman Khalid Saleh said that Kurdish lawmakers would oppose the bill on the basis of a provision added since February, when the Kurdish bloc said it would support the draft legislation.

This plain sucks. The oil law is one of the key pieces of legislation the Iraqi Parliament needs to pass. Iraq remains FUBAR within an enigma.


R W Rawles said...
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TomCat said...

I understand the Iraqi Parliament is about to go on an extended vacation. The matter will remain unsettled for a while.

CHUQ said...

Actually, because of the use of PSAs this law will benefit the energy companies over the Iraqis. There is more.